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Open Homes – Accommodation for Volunteers

By far the most innovative addition to our volunteer program is the Open Homes concept. Simply put it’s a database of homeowners who have agreed to open their homes to total strangers i.e. international volunteers and live with them for the duration or part of their stay.

Open Homes participants undergo an initial registration and screening process where it is determined that they are suitable to serve as hosts.

Open Homes thus range from those in the wealthy members of our society to those in lower socio-economic classes residing in the high density suburbs and rural areas.

Some homes have all the creature comforts whilst others do not. Placements into the homes are made on a rotational basis alone so as to ensure that all Open Homes receive roughly the same number of guests annually. Open Homes participants are not selected on the basis of religion, geographical location, or other characteristics. The primary considerations for participating are a willingness and the ability (means) to host a volunteer.

Open Homes participants benefit from having volunteers in their home by learning about the volunteer’s culture, customs and beliefs, and having the opportunity to share the same.

Homeowners interested in participating in the Open Homes program may email us at