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  • Teaching
  • Health Professionals
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Capacity building
  • Children’s homes
  • Seniors’ homes
  • Sports education/Coaching

Become A Volunteer

  • Individual
  • Group/School
  • Corporate

Host Organisations

Are you an NGO, hospital old peoples, orphanage or school operating anywhere in Zimbabwe? Do you need volunteers? Organisations can require specialist or non specialist volunteers. Non specialist volunteers are able to do any function for which no special training is required such as working in children’s or old peoples’ homes as caregivers even though specialists can also work in those same institutions.

The specialist volunteers available to organisations range from teachers for schools, Doctors/health personnel, Information technology specialists, Policy analysts, Environmental experts, Fundraising experts, M&E specialists, Trainers, OD practitioners and a host of other professionals.

Whilst volunteers do so for free, organisations can offer to pay some per diem to meet their volunteers’ living expenses. Some organisations such as schools and hospitals can offer accommodation for their volunteers. When registering, it is important for organisations to indicate if they provide accommodation or a per diem.

To register your volunteer requirements, simply email us at Say how many volunteers you need, when, what you need them to do and whether or not you will pay any allowances to the volunteers. You can also simply complete the online registration form.

Having volunteers at your organisation usually opens many doors for those organisations. Most volunteers form lifelong relationships with the organisations they would have volunteered at and refer other volunteers there, send funds, goods, sporting equipment, books and other needed items when they return to their home countries.

Through Volunteer In Zimbabwe, organizations will benefit from:

  • Free labour and skills contribution
  • Capacity building from subject matter experts
  • New funding opportunities
  • Strong lasting relationships

To register your organisation simply email us at