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  • Teaching
  • Health Professionals
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Capacity building
  • Children’s homes
  • Seniors’ homes
  • Sports education/Coaching

Become A Volunteer

  • Individual
  • Group/School
  • Corporate

Become A Volunteer

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life who bring in various skills and services to needy communities. You can come on board as an individual, group/school or a corporate entity. The time spent on volunteer activities is determined by you. We have on offer One Day Programs, Week and Month Programs and these vary in duration depending on the time volunteers have available and what recipients of services require.


Our role is to match the skills and resources you have on offer to an institution or community that requires them. Our team is there to take you through the paces and ensure you are comfortable and confident with the volunteer program you are enrolled into before your placement. You will have pre-placement briefing and will have a projects officer on call to assist you during your placement. A post-placement session will also be held in order to get your feedback and program assessment.


Take part in an enriching volunteer program as a family, school group, church group, friends or simply like-minded individuals with a common passion. We will match your group with a program which adequately meets your objectives.
We endeavor to facilitate a platform that places emphasis on team building and ensuring volunteer groups have an experience that is life changing through the help rendered as a team.


We offer organizations an opportunity to partner with us as we offer services to assist with their social responsibility programs thereby enhancing their brand visibility in the communities they operate in.

Corporates can tap into the benefits associated with volunteering in the community. At Volunteer in Zimbabwe Trust we encourage companies to engage in ‘hands on’ volunteer projects rather than just the traditional cash donations or equipment donations without making any direct contact with the beneficiaries.

Volunteering has the following advantages:

  • Increased brand visibility
  • Team building
  • Developing community partnerships
  • Fulfilling the company’s CSR mandate


What We offer

Our team is equipped to:

  • Tailor –make volunteer programs that fit into your corporate strategy’s social responsibility objectives.
  • Manage your Corporate Social Responsibility Program
  • Be the link between you and the beneficiaries in program set up and roll out and engage you in the entire process.
  • Assist with internal and external publicity of the programs.

Companies can email us if interested in participating in a volunteer program or engaging our services at

Groups and Individuals can emails at

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